Lowhills Animal Sanctuary and Behaviour Consultancy

A positive partnership between Lowhills Animal Sanctuary and Lowhills Animal Behaviour Consultancy, founded and managed by Sophie Peacock.

Please have a look around the site for animals that need new homes, sponsorship and volunteer work; also for advice about pets that need help with behavioural problems and information about our cat sitting service

Many of the animals on this page are permanent sanctuary animals for a variety of reasons. Some have been unable to fit into modern day living, have special needs, are in need of a permanent base to recover from past trauma or are old and in need of a retirement home. These animals are given time, enrichment, and a safe place to recover and explore, fitting to their needs. Please consider sponsorship if you are unable to adopt. It also makes a fabulous gift for someone who loves animals.

Our other animals on this page are up for adoption. They have come from situations where they were in danger of being put to sleep, were handovers from members of the public or were strays in need of rescue. All animals are neutered, vaccinated and chipped prior to adoption (unless specified) and a home check is always carried out. Animals are taken to you at your home if your application is successful and arranged after the home check. If you rent or live in social housing, your landlord must provide a letter to say that animals can live in your home. If your application is not successful first time around, please do not be put off; we must make sure the animals needs are put first and that a home meets their specific requirements.

Lowhills uses force-free methods and reward based training where possible to ensure the animals feel better, or to allow them time to overcome fears and problems they need to overcome at their own pace. If a home cannot be found to meet their specific needs then they stay at the sanctuary.

Currently we are only able to house a few animals due to lack of space, money and facilities, but we hope to raise money to build a bigger sanctuary and rescue. If you are interested in helping to raise money for Lowhills, please get in touch


Do you feel your dog or cat has behavioural issues? Is he or she nervous, anxious or fearful?

Cat Sitting

I provide a cat sitting service that can be tailored to your cat’s needs


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