Positive Connections Between You and Your Animal

Do you feel your dog or cat has behavioural issues? Is he or she nervous, anxious or fearful? Would you like your rescue dog or cat to be more relaxed around the house or on a walk? Have you been in trouble with the Local Authority about your dog’s behaviour?

I have 19 years’ experience working with rescue animals in a rescue setting as well as working in three Local Authorities in the Animal Welfare sector. I can provide Behaviour Modification Programs and clear training plans for my client’s animals containing positive reinforcement science based learning theory and force-free, non-confrontational methods to help solve your animal’s problems without using “quick fixes”.  I do not use physical punishment or “dominance based” practices as it is not only harmful to your animal in the long run by suppressing behaviours but it can also exacerbate their behaviour problems, putting you and your animal at risk.  Science based research has shown that outdated alpha or dominance techniques can increase aggression in animals, shut down emotions or make fearful animals more fearful. 

The goal at Lowhills Animal Behaviour Consultancy is to provide accurate assessments of your animal’s behaviour and help you achieve the goals you are looking for with your animal. I aim to help as many rescue animals as possible as well as non-rescue animals, whether that be to settle the animal into their new life from a kennel or cattery environment, helping solve behaviour problems that may have occurred during the animal’s life for whatever reason or perhaps you just need help with your new puppy!

Please feel free to e-mail or phone first but I take consultations from vet referrals before a behavioural assessment is done to rule out medical issues.  As a behaviourist and trainer, I can only treat behaviour problems or training issues. You must make sure your animal is healthy before we can go any further.  If you would like to discuss how this works, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please e-mail me for the vet referral document. 

What I offer

  • One to one adult dog training
  • One to one puppy training
  • Behaviour Consultations for dogs and cats
  • Special rates for rescue dogs and cats
  • Special rates for helping rescue animals settle in their new home
  • Behavioural Assessments for stray dogs for rescue and rehoming centres’ (Recently done for Cheltenham Animal Shelter –
  • Contract work for councils who need advice or help on their dog warden unit, training their dog wardens and licensing needs.

Please e-mail for prices as we have several different behavioural and training packages available depending on your dog’s needs. E-mail Sophie on

Lowhills is also offering group training classes starting Thursday 18 January 2018 at Eathorpe Village Hall, Main Street, Eathorpe. 

£12 per class for a 6 week course

Puppies (3 – 12 months) Beginners (12 months onwards) and a special class for Rescue Dogs in need of re-training (Any age) 

You and your dog will all learn loose lead walking, recall, handling, socialising, four feet on the floor, door etiquette, calm meet and greets and much more!

For more information on our classes, please e-mail Spaces are limited so advanced booking is needed before you attend.