• Do you need help with your dog or cat going to the vet?
  • Does he/she always shake, pant and vocalise in the waiting room?
  • Do you have a fight on your hands when getting your cat into a cat carrier?
  • Would you like some help in making these visits a better experience for you and most importantly for your pet?

I am currently structuring a behaviour program that helps fearful, anxious or aggressive pet animals have a better, less stressful vet visit.  Please e-mail me if you would like further information on how I can help you!!

Are you a veterinary practice or veterinarian that endorses the positive approach to their clients?

Maybe you have some procedures in place already that you would like to share with me? Would you like your veterinary practice name on this website as a practice that uses positive reinforcement to their clients?

I am a Fear-Free Certified Professional with Dr Marty Becker’s Fear-Free Pets – https://fearfreepets.com/ and my listing on their website is here https://fearfreepets.com/resources/directory/  

Please get in touch!