I approached Sophie for advice regarding my Persian cat who was found to be weeing around the house and in particular, outside of the litter tray. Sophie came and looked around the house looked where they eat, play and go to the toilet and then had a long chat about my cat Lexi, her behaviour, why this maybe happening and made the necessary recommendations to help stop this behaviour. I found her very knowledgeable and professional at all times and so far, we haven’t had another accident. I would recommend her and her knowledge to anyone struggling with behavioural problems.

Mrs A.Bean

Persian cat Lexi

We both felt at ease with you from the beginning and Benjo obviously had no problem with you either and enjoyed being petted and spending time in your company.  I thought it was clear that you have a great deal of experience with dogs and their behaviour, and you knew what you were talking about. You had the right level of professionalism and weren’t afraid to show your sense of humour, which was brilliant!  We’re really looking forward to working with you to keep Benjo the happy dog he is.

Mrs V Curtis

Rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Benjo

Sophie did an amazing job for us taking care of our 2 cats for 2 weeks. They were lovely and chilled when we returned and she sent updates and photos which was very reassuring. The house was lovely and clean also. I would thoroughly recommend Sophie.

Mrs Armsden

When my dog was in palliative care, I had to leave her overnight and Sophie chose to spend the night in my kitchen next to my dog’s bed. I will be eternally grateful to Sophie who could have slept in the spare bedroom that night. She monitored my dog through the night, and offered the best of care. I have known Sophie many years and I highly recommend her. Your animal will have all needs attended to, and she is 100% trustworthy with the keys to your home. Worth every penny